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art is life and life is precious.


Founder, Be Sensitive Studio
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James e. Woody is one of the world’s first proclaimed and recognized African-American Abstract Transpersonal Expressionist Artist. 

Woody paintings are owned by art luminaries, visionaries and champions of philanthropy.



An ideology that serves to make us more creative and more interesting too.

We’re listening to the voices that silence cannot protect.


As we all know, the world is changing and we are changing in it. The best way for us to adapt is to welcome positive change and let others make theirs. It starts with delivering something worthwhile so that we can move forward collectively.

Be Sensitive to yourself, our environment and each other.


Ponder on your sense of self in the wake of change, there’s going to be room for more transparency or simplicity or even honesty — and more special moments to live the truths and not the myths of your life.

Together, we must advocate for projects that support social innovators because leveraging what is already being done effectively is a strong catalyst for expansion.

Let’s demonstrate a clear, healthy focus on purpose and incorporate three principal pillars: environmental sustainability, social contribution and creative innovation.

Woody's wearable Art designs are derivative of his original paintings.

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Commission Project
Commission Project

Each wearable art image is unique unto itself and cannot be replicated.

Woody’s wearable art images are artistic compositions, like his paintings each image is created spontaneously into a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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Woody’s new works of art are not simply overlays of his paintings on fabric, they are abstracted experiences integrated from multiple resolutions of real paintings, creating individualized artistic expressions.

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