Woody Paintings
Woody's contemporary paintings function as organic memories in a garden of colorful human emotions; spontaneous reactions to color and movement with an array of passions reflecting our collective imagination.

James e. Woody is a distinctive talent with a creative vision.


Through creative freedom we find comfort and on occasion even splendor. I believe that art is life and life is sacred, I only seek to exemplify the magic inside of each of us, where our memories meet our dreams.  James e. Woody

Woody’s paintings are to relevant and significant to be ignored.


Woody’s transpersonal artworks” (PDF) depict new forms of cognition and depths of feeling; a catalyst for helping others discover their empowered inner wisdom, the single most powerful and lasting seed of change.


Woody’s paintings have been described by academics as a form of Abstract Expressionism, with elements derivatives from the Futurist, DaDa and Action Art Movement.

Woody’s paintings are not just pictures, they are expressive events with their power derived from creating paintings. This is clearly one of the reasons his works are prominently aspiring in demand throughout the world. 

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Woody is available for select commissioned projects.  

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Thank you for sharing your time. 

Ms. Ashley Post, Studio Administrator

A percent of our profits help further the mission of the Be Sensitive Foundation.

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